#AtoZchallenge: S is for Shoebox!

Have you ever come across an old shoebox and felt a sweep of nostalgia upon uncovering it? Or maybe you've seen a pet squeeze into one (like the puppies pictured below). Today's prompt is about what you might find inside a shoebox.

Write a story about what’s in a shoebox...only it can’t be shoes! Aim for about 500 words. Have fun and happy writing!

#AtoZchallenge: R is for Ruins

I love touring ruins because I love thinking about what life was like before they were ruined. Whether you decide to go that far back or you decide to write a story after architecture has already started crumbling, ruins can make great fiction fodder.

Find a picture of some ruins online and use it to write a story in the 1,500-word range. Happy writing!

#AtoZchallenge: Q is for Quiet

A lot can be communicated in silence, that's why today's prompt is all about being quiet. It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that Q is a tough letter in this challenge. So without making too much noise about it, here's today's prompt:

Write a 1,000-word story with a point-of-view character who cannot speak. What are some ways you might approach this? Maybe your POV character could never speak, either from birth or a magical spell or curse, for example.Perhaps your POV character experienced something shocking and is temporarily mute.S/he could be somewhere that encourages silence, such as a library. For the sake of the challenge, I suggest steering clear of internal monologue, too.
Happy writing!

#AtoZchallenge: P is for Pun

Puns...most people either love them or hate them. Either way, I'd like you to incorporate one into the title of today's story, because titles are important, too. Have fun with it!

Create a punny title (e.g. “Purrlock Holmes”) and write a 500-1,000-word story to fit!

#AtoZchallenge: O is for Obelisk

Admittedly, it was a bit of a stretch to come up with a prompt for the letter O. There are just some letters that are easier than others. However, this one can be tied into history and mythology, so even though it's esoteric, it's not necessarily bad.

From the Washington Monument to Ancient Egypt, I’m sure you can find some way to include this structure in a 1,000-word story!

#AtoZchallenge: N is for Ninjas

When I was first starting to learn the martial arts, I became deeply interested in Feudal Japan--its history, its culture, and even its language. One thing I remember learning was that ninjas were not friendly (come to think of it, neither were the samurai). They lived in a world where there wasn't much room for friendliness.
Here in America, ninjas are "cool." I never understood the whole assassin-worship thing--are people secretly eager to kill others for a living? I hope not. 

Either way, ninjas are interesting. They're your subject for today, whether you write about them in a historically accurate way or not.
Some people love ‘em, some don’t...but either way, you’re writing about them! You’ve got 1,500 words...WRITE! Have fun!

#AtoZchallenge: M is for Myth

It's hard to believe that April is already halfway over. This challenge has been pretty easy to keep up with, even being in the midst of moving my website. I purposefully chose a theme that would allow for brief posts as this has been quite a busy month for fiction-writing.

I planned out all of my posts ahead of time as far as the prompts are concerned, that way I can just write a little intro or a few tips to go along with each one.

Today's prompt is all about mythology. Every ancient culture I've learned about (and there were a lot to study in Art History) created myths to explain how their world got to be the way it is. Today, I'd like you to try your hand at writing a myth.

Write a 500-word story to explain a natural occurrence. Looking for a twist? It doesn't have to be of this world. Have fun with this one and happy writing!

#AtoZchallenge: L is for Labyrinth

I have a confession to make. I never enjoyed the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie, though I did meet the magician who played his hands. A lot of folks in my generation love that movie but I've never cared for it.

That said, mazes can be great for fiction. Look at the recent success with Maze Runner. I didn't read it or see it because while YA is great, it's not where my heart is. But I can interpret book sales and box office numbers just like anyone else.

Then there are the droves of people who say, "You simply must read Maze Runner." I appreciate book suggestions as much as the next person, but there's nothing anyone simply must read. Not every book is for everyone, but then, that can turn into a whole other post! (In fact, I've just added it to my editorial calendar...look for it on July 3.)

Today I have a prompt for you:

Write a 1,000-1,500-word story about a character stuck in a maze. Have fun and happy writing!

#AtoZchallenge: K is for Karma

Whether you believe in road karma (where if you're a nice driver, people will drive nicely around you, too) or karmic reincarnation, the idea that there is some type of universal justice is not a foreign one.

For today's prompt, I want you to incorporate some idea of karma. Take it to whatever level you like, and have fun! Here's your prompt:

Write a 1,000-word story about karmic retribution or reward. Happy writing!

#AtoZchallenge: J is for Job Interview

Job interviews: What great fodder for creating tension. If you've ever been on a job interview, you know that they can inspire butterflies in the stomach. Make your reader feel that with today's prompt: Where are they interviewing? The corner of a cafeteria?  WRITE A 500-1,000-WORD STORY THAT CENTERS AROUND A JOB INTERVIEW. BE CREATIVE ABOUT THE JOB!Happy writing!