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Building my author platform

You read it everywhere: Authors planning to submit their novels to traditional publishers and agents need to have an author platform. 
That's why over the last two days, I've undergone a major overhaul of my site. Most of the changes I made were easy. I created a new start page--it took longer to find the right quote I wanted, and I looked to so many of my favorite writers for that. I started blogging again, too, and that was the first day of changes.
The next day, I made a new logo and updated my fonts and formatting. I changed the short fiction page to be a simple listing of published stories. You will notice that my site doesn't have busy side bars or crowded navigation menus. I'm striving for simplicity. I want my work to speak for itself as much as possible.
Today I added a page for blogs & articles I've written. That took a really long time because I had to go down memory lane for some of the older articles I wrote for print publications. I almost cringed when I re-typed the title of a work I wrote back in 2006 because it uses "less" when it should use "fewer." 
But I'm okay with it. I cannot change the fact that I didn't catch it back then, just as I cannot change the fact that my editor didn't catch it, either. I know better now.
I have one more page to add but I have to find some of the elements to list--it will be an interview page. I've participated in a few over the years and I want to try to find them to include.
Do you have an author platform? What is your goal for your website? What are your publishing goals?


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