"Winning" NaNoWriMo

Last night, I crossed the 50,000-word threshold on my book, The Coven of Essex. This means a couple of things for me. First, I get to hand-write from here on out. This month has been riddled with technological issues--I only just got my printer to work on my desktop after two months of troubleshooting--and slow computers. I had to wipe my Chromebook just last week. It also means that I still have about 30,000-40,000 words to go for my first draft. In other words, this journey's not over yet...but I am more than halfway.
Right on target...literally!
Right on target...literally!
The fact is, I'm excited about transitioning to writing by hand. I write better--albeit a bit slower--when I write by hand. Mental Floss lists just some of the benefits of writing by hand, but there are others. More careful word selection. An extra round of editing when finally going from page to screen. Being able to write even in a power outage (given the winds here yesterday, that was certainly on my mind). Being able to write in the sunlight (no glare on a screen).
When I write by hand in fiction, I like to use journals or notebooks that have perforated pages. This makes the page-to-screen transition easier, because I don't have to try to hold a book open whilst typing. Sure, I could go with a spiral notebook, but those tend to get too beat-up living in my messenger bag or tote all the time. For the rest of Coven, I will be using this Pierre Belvedere journal...not sure why it's only available on Canada's Amazon but if you want to pick one up, I definitely recommend this blank book. (Full disclosure: I'm not being paid to recommend it...I just like it.)
I have 11.5 chapters to go...and I'll be able to easily write them on the go.


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