Hybrid: Part I is here!

This is the first in many works of short and serialized fiction that will be published on Amazon. Why'd I decide to go this route? I've been submitting short stories to literary journals, but I'm curious if I can get better circulation with this method.
Besides, I've always liked the idea of writing serial fiction. It worked for Charles Dickens, right? 
"Hybrid" was originally going to be a novel--more specifically, it was going to be a novel wherein you could choose your own path. But the truth is that not every story works well like that. Then it becomes more of a game, which is fun and fine, but not what we were going for here. Not to mention after we put in about a week's worth of work, the system we were using to write it as a game deleted our whole file (and there's not really a way to efficiently back it up). So we decided that wasn't the path for us.
I loved co-authoring this with fellow writer Ann Winters. But co-authoring a full-length novel in one go can be even more challenging than writing a novel solo. One major hiccup in life can throw a wrench into the project. By breaking it up into shorter pieces, we're able to work more efficiently to get the story written.
Expect Part Two to become available within a few weeks! In the meantime, please enjoy Part One and if you like, leave a review! 


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