#AtoZchallenge: M is for Myth

It's hard to believe that April is already halfway over. This challenge has been pretty easy to keep up with, even being in the midst of moving my website. I purposefully chose a theme that would allow for brief posts as this has been quite a busy month for fiction-writing.

I planned out all of my posts ahead of time as far as the prompts are concerned, that way I can just write a little intro or a few tips to go along with each one.

Today's prompt is all about mythology. Every ancient culture I've learned about (and there were a lot to study in Art History) created myths to explain how their world got to be the way it is. Today, I'd like you to try your hand at writing a myth.

Write a 500-word story to explain a natural occurrence. Looking for a twist? It doesn't have to be of this world.

Have fun with this one and happy writing!


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