#AtoZchallenge: X is for Xenial

Okay, truth time. I didn't know what xenial meant until I looked up words that started with the letter X. This letter is always tricky for the #AtoZchallenge, because there just aren't a whole lot of words that start with this letter.

I could have gone with x-ray. Or xylophone. But I felt like those were cop-outs. I felt like they were too easy. Isn't it more fun to learn what a new word means, anyway?

So before we get to today's prompt, expand your vocabulary.

Xenial basically means someone who is hospitable. It's an adjective, so make sure that if you're going to use it, you use it the right way. If you want to say the word, it's pronounced like "zee-nee-al."

Now for the prompt!

Write a 1,000-word story about a visit from an unexpected guest.


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