Fiction is my true love. It allows for endless imagination and exploration. Fiction allows us to question the world around us and make readers think.

Many who have not tried their hand at writing fiction think it's simple. 

Writing fiction is anything but simple. It takes from you, like a needy pet hovering at your feet for constant attention.

Writing fiction requires humility and confidence to co-exist.

Dreaming up stories and characters that are as wondrous as they are believable is no mean feat.

Even after all that, after sleepless nights and dry, tired eyes, every ounce of anguish is worth the reward.

To breathe life into characters through words is a gift not enjoyed by many. We must cherish it, hold it up to the highest standards, and most of all, we must love it.

I got my start in writing fiction with Harry Potter fanfiction. The draw of this activity was that the world and characters were already created. There was no better way for me to learn than with a foundation beneath my feet.

I grew out of writing fanfiction, though not for any deficit of its own. I craved creative control. 

So I began to write zombie fiction. Writing horror was an interesting experience. I felt the need to balance gore with the opportunity to question society and the human condition. 

In 2008, I embarked on a journey with the Long Ridge Writer's Group, now called the Institute for Writers. I participated in two independent study courses, connecting one-on-one with my author-mentor. It was through LRWG that I learned to stretch my wings as a writer and to accept constructive criticism.

LRWG is also where I fell in love with writing historical fiction. It's also where I heard about National Novel Writing Month.

I stopped writing zombie fiction and transitioned to historical fiction and fantasy. I also wrote my first novel in thirty days.

National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, was a positive experience for me. Boosting my confidence to tackle longer works, this event challenged me in new ways. I also found friends who shared my passion for the written word.

NaNoWriMo led me to JuNoWriMo, and through both I discovered exciting volunteer opportunities. 

In 2014, I decided to return to school, and enrolled in an MA English & Creative Writing program at SNHU. After graduation, I continued to hone my craft. The next step is my MFA in Creative Fiction, at the same school. 

Since 2015, I've had short fiction published in several literary journals. In the Winter 2015 WOW-Women on Writing Flash Fiction contest, I was also awarded Honorable Mention. On this page, you can find fictional works of mine available online.

To learn about works available offline, please feel free to contact me. Thank you, and enjoy!


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